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lesson ideas for primary 1-7. Anti-sectarianism 'don't give it, don't take it.'

Workshop for P7

Sectarianism linked with Citizenship and PSD.

We devised a serious of lessons that could be taught over a few hours that would introduce the concept of sectarianism to an upper stage primary class.

1. Firstly we would find out what the children know about sectarianism by opening up a group discussion about what the children think sectarianism is.

2. We would then use questioning from their responses to build the discussion and build up their knowledge.

3. Next we would issue the children with scenarios to do with sectarianism. In groups they would be able to act out the situations, discuss how different characters feel, discuss whether it is sectarianism or not and come up with a solution.

4. To assess the children's new knowledge they could create something of their choice (poster/leaflet/webpage) to make others aware of sectarianism.